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Srinagar, Dec 10 (KNB): The only grant of ‘reservation’ in jobs to Scheduled Tribe candidates cant solely end socio-political discriminations’ meted out with STs especially Gujjars and Bakerwals since 1947 – there is high need for a law to empower twelve tribes of Jammu and Kashmir and upgrade their life equal to other tribes of Country.
Pertinently, Two Cabinet Ministers, Nine MLAs/MLCs representing the community but it requires grass root level socio political empowerment in the system, the speakers of the programme observed.
Though ‘Reservation’ granted in jobs has significantly changed the living standard of Gujjars and Bakerwal since 1991 but a large chunk of tribal population is still reel under the grip poverty and backwardness. Only a legislation can empower them to raise their life on prototype of tribal communities of other states who are more empowered than J&K tribes.
It is only due tribal status that the community has recorded considerable progress in getting govt jobs but concrete efforts are required in shape of laws so that the community may not feel discrimination at any level. A lot of efforts are required to boost the community educationally, Socially, economically and culturally.
Equality, fairness and justice and pressed is need to end discriminations with their tribe immediately. These issues were highlighted by community members in a gathering organized by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation. A large chunk of Gujjars and Bakerwals are still unattended and lagging behind due to extreme poverty, nomadic way of life, illiteracy, difficult geographical habitats.

Against 20 percent ST population in J&K, the Gujjars and Bakerwals and other tribes were getting only 10 percent quota which speaks about the discrimination we are facing. Only 10 officers of community are posted in civil secretariat and they too are working in less important departments.

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