As if Anyone cares

As if Anyone cares

Written by: Sheikh Daman Alam

I wanted to be a kite
I wanted to see my future bright
But before my flight
I came in their sight
And they held my thread so tight
That I wasn’t even able to fight.

For them I was just a delight
Despite the fact I was only eight,
Even though there it was not yet time
For my girl characteristics to come in my gait
Still I was raped.

For days I was kept without any diet
At the site
Where people seek refuge from the opposite of right.

I was afraid of their height and their bite
And shocked that I was been raped.

At last everything became dark
As they had completed their task
And forced me to an untimely death.

I don’t need justice
As justice can’t bring back my light
But my fight for justice
Might enlight
The night
In which girls live in fright.

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