Alienated by In-Laws after husband killed in Forces action, widow appeals for justice

Jammu & Kashmir

Yasmeen Manzoor

Pulwama, March 16(KNB): A widow of Pulwama, Dilshada Begum alleged that she has been alienated by her in- laws after her husband was killed some months ago on December 15 by Government forces in Sirnoo village of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Dilshada who is presently living at her mother’s house with her two small children is seeking justice for being abandoned by her in-laws.

While talking with Kashmir News Bureau, she said “After my husband was killed by government forces in Sirnoo Pulwama, I was being wontoned by my in laws along with my small kids, I was suffering so much that I went home to my parents for assistance, as my young children were sick, and no one would assist us, I was being destituted.”

She further said, “According to Islamic law, Muslim women are entitled to inherit property of her husband but this didn’t happen in my case because my in-laws abandoned me, I couldn’t buy clothes, I couldn’t take my kids to doctor as I am not having money,my in-laws didn’t give me a single room of my husband’s share, after my husband was killed I was being told to leave home along with my kids, I appealed to Panchs but nothing happened, I am appealing to my in-laws to provide me my husband’s share so that I could survive along with my kids as it is their right, if I die my kids will suffer. “(KNB)

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