08 March: International Women’s Day


Sajad Bashir

International Women’s Day a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to…  is celebrated worldwide on March 8 with great enthusiasm and zeal through seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

The motive of these events often focus on various issues such as innovation, the portrayal of women in the media, importance of education and career opportunities and to protect and promote women’s rights in contemporary times.

Women’s Day also known as the Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, dates back to 1900s when despotism and inequality was soaring and stirred women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change.

Women are working round the clock whether at home or workplace and show dedication in their daily routine work, March 08 is celebrated annually as International Women’s Day (IWD) and is recognized internationally for the purpose of taking time to remember and celebrate the many milestones marked by women’s achievements around the world, especially in the advancement of equality, justice and peace.

The original motive of the day of achieving gender equality has not been accomplished even till date in its true sense as women still continue to be victims of violence, with rape and domestic violence listed as significant causes of disability and death among women worldwide.

Zamrooda Habib chairman of tareek-e-khawateen expressed deep concern over the dowry demand and domestic violence against women in Kashmir.She said that increasing number of the cases of domestic violence is alarming and unfortunate and against the principles of Islam and humanity.
She appealed to the women of Kashmir to raise their voice against every kind of violence committed upon them.

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