New Faces Interested, Centre ready for Assembly election: Sources

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Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 05 March (KNB): The political scenario of the state of Jammu and Kashmir has drastically changed as various prominent bureaucrats joined the politics desiring to bring about a change in pattern of governance besides the spree of the shifting of members from one party to another party resulting in the political dilution.  The joining of new faces especially the IAS topper shah faisal, former secretary Farooq Ahmad shah, EJAC President Abdul Qayoom Wani has distributed the vote share of the various regional and national parties in state .

At the time when the team from election commission of India  is on two days visit to state of Jammu and Kashmir to decide on the conductance of the elections as early as possible to end the prevailing  political situation and form an elected government in state as it has been under the governor rule since last year

With decision  on the approaching of the elections , the political parties has already started the slogans to  please the voters , and are raising the slogans for the defense of the special status of Kashmir  in unison which were missing at the time of power. The situation has become baffling as the turns and twists has bring the  confusion, and the parties having the divergent ideologies like NC and PD are becoming as one as both are pushed to wall and their response is identical

Besides the new emerging third front in the form of the peoples conference is a reflection of the change of political landscape and is going to challenge the hold of the old regional parties like NC and PDP. The joining of the new faces of bureaucrats has increased the intensity of the electoral competition.  This may have major effect on the on the voter turn-out as well.

Also IAS officer had announced that he  is going to launch his own party and applied  to the election commission of india to register his political outfit  he said “we need well read and well –meaning people there and reimagine the politics and represent the people correctly .” indirectly criticized the  old parties for the prevailing political situation in the valley .

The regional and national parties especially National Conference( NC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)National congress , BJP  and parties consultants has voiced for holding the elections as soon as possible  indicating the eagerness of the political parties to conductance of the elections .

The upcoming elections are going to be interesting with the continues changes and the turns taking place in the political landscape of the state and distribution of vote share. (KNB)

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