Internet gag again hit Students in Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 01 March (KNB): The frequent snapping of the internet in the valley of Kashmir is badly effecting the common people , students , business establishments, news organizations and the social freedom of the residents. Every time when a CASO or a protest occur authorities firstly suspends the internet to maintain law and order and avoid the dissemination of the provocative news.

Internet being a major resource of knowledge and information in the modern times for the society’s people in Kashmir especially the students, traders, and online web designers and marketer are immensely suffering due to the internet snapping

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau Bilal Ahmad a student of 12th class from south kashmir said, “Due to the frequent Shutdown and encounter in the south Kashmir the schools as the other educational institutions usually remains closed for majority of the working period, and internet becomes the only medium for the students to get the study material; for the preparation but due to the internet shutdown, it is very difficult for us to study.”

“Internet blockade is negatively affecting our business as we are not able to file our e–returns on time and have to pay the extra charges as penalty, besides a number of the tourists visiting for the shopping usually carry the swipe cards for shopping are unable do the shopping as the swipe machine becomes useless without internet, a local shopkeeper from Lal chowk Srinagar.

He further added that government should change the strategy of frequent internet snapping in order to avoid the suffering of poor people, instead they should block the social media accounts of those who they think as the threat to peace.

The internet snapping is slowly choking the online business which is dependent on the uninterrupted internet connectivity.

At time, when the social media acts as the major source of connectivity between different communities throughout the globe the Kashmiri’s are usually deprived of the fundamental right of information. (KNB)

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