Responding to Love from Kashmir, Sikh Community says Open doors for Poor People

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Sajad Bashir Mir

Srinagar 21 Feb (KNB): Sikh community got the generous response from the people of Kashmir as social media is flooded with so many offers for Sikh community by everyone from a common person to professionals for showing the solidarity with the Kashmiri at a time of tension and violence after the Pulwama attack.

Meanwhile, The Sikh responded to the generosity of the Kashmiri and once again won the hearts of the people and restored the faith on humanity In a viral Video on social Media, the Sikh community thanked the people of the valley for showing the love and said that they need love, dignity and respect from the heart of kashmiris and requested the masses to open the door for the poor and the needy ones, show them such gestures as it is the need of the hour to save the humanity on earth

Ravi Singh a volunteer of Khalsa Aid organisations in response to respect shown by Kashmiri’s to Sikh community said “Hate equal Hate, “give love”, “get love.” Kashmir’s are always labelled as the traitors and terrorists, but they have shown the opposite to this, and restored the faith in humanity .

Commenting on Khalsa Aid duty he said, “We can’t see to be favoured for this, it was our duty, Khalsa Aid volunteers are doing it at many places throughout the world following the teachings of the Gurus.”

“During the days when Khalsa Aid used to go to the middle East for help of humanity ,we were asked don’t go there they will kill you ,chop you,it is all rubbish there are no bad Muslims ,Sikhs ,Christians , Hindus or another there are only bad humans,” He further said.

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