Bar association Pattan Resolution

Jammu & Kashmir

Today on 18/02/2019 The Bar association Pattan under the presidentship of its President convened a general meeting which has been widely attended by all Bar Members as assented thereto by way of their respective signatures .It has been resolved in a meeting that the conduct of the presiding officer of Pattan court namely Amar Jeet Singh lingay is highly unbecoming and each and every Bar member is facing serious humiliation while attending their cases before him , as such it has been unanimously decided that all the bar member’s will go for an indefinite strike and will abandon the court work till the grievances of the Bar Association Pattan be not resolved by the Honourable High court.
The copy of the resolution shall be submitted to the lordship Honourable justice Mr Ali Mohammed Magray (Administrative Judge ) for information and necessary action through proper channel.
Bar Association Pattan through its President .
Vice president bar association Pattan.
Secretary Bar association Pattan & other Bar members.

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