Mustard: A hurb cultivated oil


Hordes of tourists visiting Kashmir valley are fascinated by the mustard fields as the mustard crop has turned the whole picturesque Kashmir valley into golden.

On the way to Pahalgam, 16 kilometres off Srinagar on the national highway, many tourists feast their eyes and minds with the scenic view of blooming mustard flowers.

Interestingly, the tourists initially get the glimpse of these mustard fields while arriving in the valley by flight since they are located in the region from the planes approach Srinagar prior to landing.

“Luckily we were going to Pahalgam. So we went through this place. Driver told us that the plane has gone through this place only. So this is the same place which we had seen from our … (aircraft) had flown by. So we wanted to have a look here and we are extremely happy,” said Puneet, a tourist.

Some tourists said that the place gives them a feel of being in Switzerland. They draw a parallel between the combination of green and yellow hues in the backdrop of snow capped mountains.

“It somewhere resembles Switzerland. A combination of mountains and mustard fields and not found so easily. The smell and beauty of this place is awesome,” said Rashmi, another tourist.

Reportedly, the tourism authorities haven’t laid their eyes on the development of these spots whereas the experts are of the view that these scenic spots can be a major attraction for the tourists.

“These tourists enjoy the scenic beauty and click pictures. They feel the beauty of the place,” said Mohammad Shafi, a tour operator.


The mustard crop is sown in September-October. As temperatures rise after winter, the rapeseed-mustard crop blossoms and the farm is harvested towards the end of May.

India, China, Canada, Poland, France and Pakistan are major rapeseed-mustard growing countries. India, according to a survey, has nearly 4.5 million hectares under mustard production.
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