Er Rasheed pays rich tribute to Handwara Matyers with sobbed tears

Jammu & Kashmir

Jaffar Aziz
Handwara, 25Jan(KNB): Patron AIP and former Mla Er SA Rasheed paid glorious tribute with sobbing tears to the victims of Handwara and Kupwara massacre, when Twenty-one people fell to bullets of the paramilitary troopers in this frontier town on Jan 25, 1990.

The Handwara blood bath was carried out when around 12000 people were heading towards main Chowk Handwara to demonstrated against the brutal killings of Gawkadal Massacre.

Speaking on the occasion, Er Rasheed accused on New Delhi’s polices and there designs in state are made Kashmiri’s life into battlefield.

He said to state leadership leave this arrogant attitude to save the youths of Kashmiris from uniform Killers. We need to prove good leadership in our state to fulfill the rights of Kashmiri’s people. I asked Mainstream politicians and separatists to move forward to find out good way for this long decade dispute so that Kashmir’s will get the rid of Despotic unpleasant situation.
In his speech, state leadership has failed to take care of the families of martyrs, most of whom are living in plight conditions.
While remembering Every single victim who brutalized by different angles is our moral obligation and given them safety is all our responsibilities.
Kashmiri’s have to be united at all costs to fight for genuine cause that is only plebiscite to promote the good way for possible resolution.
Kashmir’s sacrificed a lot from all sides but unfortunately New Delhi is hiding ground realities of dark deeds, he added.(KNB)

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