Kashmir Youth Federation organised a meeting today at Hotel Gul- Anar Rajbagh

Jammu & Kashmir

21January 2019: Various issues were discussed in a meeting but the highlight of the meeting were the problems faced by unemployed youth.
Govt has no proper schemes or plans to empower and engage Youth.There are no Major jobs either in govt or in private sectors for youth. It was discussed that some the young people have been benefited from Various government schemes and institutions like JKEDI. However such schemes have been unable to fully capture the interest of youth due to number of reasons. The process of providing seed capital after training takes a long time in some cases more that a year. These delays discourage them and ultimately they lose interest.Few such candidates came in our meeting and we were amused to know even after completing the assigned training program a year before they have still not received the finance.

It was also discussed that a huge number of students from J&K state pursue their higher education outside J&K. It is because the government instutions are very less in number and do not have enough seats to take in most of the applicants. Privatization in higher education is need of an hour. It will not only provide education to many aspiring students but will create more jobs and provide employment to many.The only development in education sector weye B.Ed colleges and lot of students from J&K and outside state were pursuing educational in Jammu and Kashmir. These colleges were generating both employment and revenue to the state but unfortunately this development is strangled as course duration has been increased from 1 year to 2 years which decreased the percentage of outside students to almost zero. Most of BEd colleges are close down d due to lack of students & employment generated by these colleges is hit a new low.

Self help groups of engineers is also substitute to government jobs and has been able to provide sources of livelihood to unemployed youth but still some of the departments do not allot any work to them.
Tourism has also hit a new low due to unsuitable & inappropriate policies of Tourism department. A representation of large group of unemploymed youth discussed their issues of converting their houses to paying guests or guest houses for livelihood but rules and regulations are cumbersome Which discourage them to venture into this businesss.
It’s appealed upon Governor of Jammie and Kashmir provide relaxation to youth and setup Youth friendly policies in various government institutions.

Adminstration talks a lot about engaging youth but it just remains as talks nothing on ground.
The held in presence of Qaiser Amin, Shakeel Ahmad Phamboo.
Dr waqar banday (spokesperson & Gen.Secetrary)

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