Beloved, I remember that rendezvous.


Asif Bilal

Those days were full of commotion as umpteen challenges of life were slowly devouring my life. I was so disheartened as despondency had caught me from all sides. One turbulent cold night, i was on a bed preparing to sleep. Rain drops were trickling down from rooptops disturbing my thoughts. A special clock that was gifted by my grandfather on the eve of eid was ticking fast on the windowsill. My eyes became heavy and deep sleep embraced me tightly.

I was treading through the snow-clad paths of some mysterious mountain when i saw a brook streaming down angrily as if lamenting for someone. Beside it was a girl donning a magical robe over her body. As i came near, i saw blood, continuously oozing from one of her legs. My gaze darted towards her face and I saw her eyes glittering with hope as if she has met someone whom she was longing for a very long time. She welcomed with broad grin in his face.

You want to conquer this moutain, ” she blurted out excitedly”.

Yes, ” i replied with heaviness in my smile”.

It was my dream. I left no stone unturned to fulfil my desire of conquering it. But…….

But what, ” i uttered while gazing her continuously.”

A jinx stone rolled down from the mountain and chased me until it hit me thereby fracturing my leg that have made me paralysed for life time and I have made my abode this jungle and was waiting for some messiah who would complete my half trodden journey. The bitter truth is that I cannot go there now, but when my sight went towards you, i saw something in you that soothed my bruised soul and compelled me to make you my choice. Now, I am hopeful that you will let my unfulfilled dream complete. My soul will always hover over you and my blessings are with you, “she spoke in a pensive tone”.

Alright. I will live to your expectations and will never let you down. Have faith on me,” i assured her confidently.

She dipped her tumbler into the stream where she was perched like a elegant butterfly and administered me a glass full of water which according to her was elixir. It will help you overcome all hurdles and obstacles in your tiring journey. But listen, when you reach the top, do not forget me. You have to promise me that you will scream my name aloud there as your voice will echo in the mountains, that will immortalise my soul forever. “She said in a very serious tone”.

I will make you immortalise in the woods forever by calling your name with such a shrill that will pierce every tree and every wild beast of the Jungle. It’s my promise, “I said with a confidence in my tone”.

I drank the elixir in one gulp and started my journey while assuring her of fulfilling my promise.

I trudged on rocky paths, slithered among the bushes, climbed giant like rocks and finally was about to annex one of the largest mountain of the world when one of the fragile tree was about to fell on me. Fortunately, I narrowly escaped from the fallen tree but hit a rock beside that injured me and made me unconscious.

Pee pee pee, “my phone beeped which cut short my dream and deserted me from the deep sleep. I came out from my cosy bed and squinted towards the whatsapp messages popping out from the screen”.

So what have you thought? Are you going to make my dream complete, “the text messages meant”.

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