Governor should leave complex issues for the elected government to decide upon: NC

Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar, 06 December (KNB): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday asserted that the governor administration should refrain from making changing in the state juvenile laws.

In a statement released from party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, party Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi while expressing dismay over the incompatible intervention of SAC into the state’s juvenile justice act said, “As reported by some media, Governor Administration is mulling change in the juvenile justice laws. We however urge the incumbent governor administration to have wider consultations on the issue. The governor should carry out wider consultations across the political spectrum of state on this issue,” he said.

Ruhullah said that the priority of the incumbent administration is a make-shift arrangement until a democratically elected government is in place. “It would have been better if the current incumbent administration leaves matters like these as changing the juvenile justice laws for a democratically elected government to decide upon,” he said.
Chief spokesperson said that a democratically elected government possesses a wider public trust. “In a democratic set up such issues are presented before the legislature for wider discussion and then put into operation. I urge the incumbent administration to leave such issues for a democratically elected government to decide upon,” he said.

He said when we talk of juvenile justice, various stakeholders’ Police, NGO’s, civil society groups, elected representatives should be taken aboard before any changes are made to the juvenile justice laws. “Our party stands for strengthening the existing legal frame work of juvenile justice. However the first priority is to protect children from committing any offence that is where we can protect them from being in conflict with law. However this calls for wider consultations and discussions in the legislative assembly,” he said.

He urged the incumbent governor admistration to concentrate on giving sound administration and leaving the complex issues for the elected government to decide upon. (KNB)

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