Tom Cruise starring Hollywood movie mentions ‘Indian occupied Kashmir’


New York, Aug 01 (KNB)): Hollywood’s latest blockbuster ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’, which is set in Kashmir among other locations in the world, drew objections from New Delhi for describing the state as “Indian Occupied Kashmir,” and demanded the deletion of all reference to Kashmir, according to press reports. The movie is doing roaring business worldwide.

However, after negotiations, the makers of the movie starring Tom Cruise, agreed to delete references to Kashmir ONLY for its release in India, the reports said.

It had been previously reported that the movie’s climax was set in Kashmir, where British anarchist Solomon Lane has stored nuclear weapons that he plans on detonating.

The final cut released in India does not identify the region where this action takes place.

The chief of Indian Central Board of Film Certification, Prasoon Joshi, explaining the cuts made to the India print of the film, was quoted as saying in the reports that the “integrity of India’s borders is non-negotiable.”

“The CBFC had advised the applicant of the film that the map shown in the film misrepresents the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir and should be either rectified or removed. They had also referred to Kashmir as “India-occupied Kashmir” which we have asked them to correct as the ‘Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir’,” he said.

According to a media report, in the international print of the Christopher McQuarrie-directed film, there is “prominent mention” of Kashmir, India, Pakistan and China however in the India cut, “there’s a mention of Nubra valley (in Ladakh) and Siachen Glacier, there’s a glimpse of an Indian soldier… but what is missing is the mention of where all the action is taking place.” Although the climax of ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ was set in Kashmir, it was filmed in a valley in New Zealand. (KNB/With Agencies inputs)

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